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Learning from Parish Partnerships

The Church of Scotland has links to other churches across the world, connecting faith communities. To understand these relationships better a research project between Malawi University and Edinburgh University would like to invite you to participate in some research. This study aims to understand how well partnerships understand and support one another.

The partnership lead is communicating all the projects that your local parish partnership is engaged in. In the study it is the personal perspectives that count. An interview will allow you to describe, in your own words, your views on different aspects of the partnership. The study aims to find out how local parish partnerships are understanding one another and supporting one another, in Faith and in Action; also how this is working during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

Research team: Edinburgh University (Divinity and Global Health); Malawi University (Chancellor College, Religious Studies). Results will be used for research and to advise Church of Scotland and CCAP (Church of Central African Presbyterian).

Here are some selected quotes from the research