The Royal Voluntary Service Social Centre runs on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Innerleithen Church of Scotland Hall of Friendship. It is run by Julie Mclean and a group of volunteers for the centre and volunteer drivers.

It’s a great way to get to make new friends, have a bit of fun and get out after all this time so we can start enjoying each other’s company again.
The centre starts about 9.30am (usually you would be picked up by an RVS driver between 9- 9.30)

We welcome you into the centre with a light breakfast of tea/coffee and toast. It’s a great time to chat and catch up.
We then do some gentle exercises called move it or lose it which helps us to wake up!! After this we do some brain stimulation in a crossword/quiz to get our minds going. We usually then play a game before lunch. Lunch is followed with our tea and biscuits and we talk about what is going on in the news etc. After this we play a game like dominoes/cards then you are taken home from 2.15pm onwards.

This day out costs £10, you can come for 1,2, or 3 days a week.

We also welcome new volunteers for the centre. It’s a great way to get involved in the community and is very rewarding. You could get involved in the games etc.

New drivers would be welcomed also. You would pick up and take home the clients that come to the centre and you get fuel allowance too.

If interested in becoming a client or volunteer, please contact Dawn Dickson –