Introducing Cardrona Connections

Cardrona Connections is made up of Christians in and around Cardrona seeking to connect with and serve the village, communicating the love of Jesus Christ for each one.

Having been keen to better connect with and serve Cardrona for some time, at the beginning of September 2022 a new Minister was appointed within ITW with a specific focus on developing our ministry in Cardrona.  While Cardrona Connections has emerged from this place, the location of Cardrona is such that there is a wonderful opportunity for churches to work together to better serve the village: this is ‘connection’ in another sense.

What is already happening in Cardrona and how might we support that? What can we learn from the community about ways we might be able to serve? How is God at work in the village and where is He leading? We are excited to see how this work develops!

We’d love to chat!

We are keen to get involved in the work of the local community. Perhaps you’d like to talk about possibilities, or perhaps you have thoughts on what you’d like to see.

Perhaps you’re curious about faith and/or would appreciate the chance to talk something over. You may never have thought about faith before or you may have been mulling it over for a while. You may have big questions and would like somewhere to explore them. Whatever your circumstances, it would be great to hear from you.

Maybe you’re a Christian living in Cardrona and you’d like to meet with others for fellowship, worship or Bible study. What might this look like? What are your ideas?

For these or for any other reasons, please do feel free to get in touch:

Pamela Kennedy, Pioneer Minister (Cardrona)

Cardrona Village Hall

Where possible we hold our events in the village hall. The hall does have disabled access and facilities, including a toilet. There is a car park next to the hall and cars can park on the roads nearby.

Cardrona Village Hall address
23 Cardrona Way
EH45 9LD