Togetherness (a Prayer from Malawi)

These words come from our friend Rev Picklen Chafulumiraa in Thondwe Malawi.

Nature reveals to us the wonders and secrets of God. Thondwe is located beside the Thondwe River joining with Naiwale stream. In 2015 waters from these rivers swept away a strong bridge and left the place impassable. Similarly, Innerleithen’s location is beside the Tweed River which has a joining within Innerleithen area. ITW parish and Thondwe C C A P twinning means a lot to both of us. Our togetherness has seen us fighting the hunger challenge in 2015- 2016 and 2016- 2017 respectively by jointly supporting each other and working together mutually. Our school children were learning outside under trees for lack of classrooms. But soon this challenge will be overcome because of our togetherness (the Library project). Friends, though living in different places and situations we still can show our togetherness in our communication, interaction, sharing views and suggestions to eradicate our challenges. Being one in Christ possibilities are high. To engaging poverty, enriching each other, learning from other developing culturally, spiritually and morally. As the Thondwe River removed its obstacle, why can’t we all hold hands to eradicate our challenges with God’s help? In the end continue growing together and strengthening our fellowship.