Sunday Service – 31st January

Welcome to our new online video & phone service.  We are making a start one step at a time so please share your feedback with me and get in touch if you can help take part in the service. Don’t let technical challenges get in the way as I can help.  We’re not making a production for TV but instead gathering together as a community of believers and expressing our worship to God. 

May God bless you and speak to you as we worship together this morning. The video is available from 10:30am.

Fraser Edwards

phone: 0131 477 6646

Music taken from Worship Lyric Videos – all rights reserved

When I survey – Isaac Watts – Sung at EMW Aber Conference 2019  (used with permission)

Some content courtesy of The Bible Society

A wee extra notice…

If you are interested in the question of science, faith and the meaning of life you might be interested in an online lecture by Prof Alister McGrath in connection with Heriot Watt University.  It takes place on Monday 8th Feb at 7:30pm and is free to attend once you register.