Reopening Innerleithen

Maximum seated capacity in the sanctuary is 63-106 within 63 seating areas

Worship in Innerleithen Church resumes Sunday 23rd May at 10.30am

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Innerleithen Church Building

We are pleased to be able to gather again for worship in person, but there are still some guidance and restrictions in place for now:

  • those attending worship must wear masks (unless exempt)
  • 1m social distancing will need to be maintained
  • we are not yet allowed to sing, but will continue to listen to pre-recorded songs and hymns
  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival
  • Stewards will direct you to a seat.  This may be upstairs to the gallery seating, leaving the limited capacity downstairs for those less able or unable to climb stairs
  • We regret we are unable to provide transport to or from the service

The service will continue to be live streamed on and on our on-demand telephone service on 01896 404505.  There may be one or two technical challenges to get round in the initial weeks, so we do please ask for your patience as we all adapt to new ways of working.

We are required to keep a register of attendees for the purpose of Track & Trace as you arrive.

Resuming worship in Innerleithen Church is only a first step and we look forward to resuming worship in Traquair and Walkerburn when we are able.  At the moment we only have permission from presbytery to open Innerleithen Church.  Each step we take will be carefully done helping to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Please remember FACTS and do not come to church if you have any symptoms.