COFFEE AFTERNOON: A wide selection of scones and cakes was provided, along with a bakery sale and a raffle. This raised £427.

CARDRONA: An envelope collection was organized by Lesley Robertson who found nine collectors to deliver them. This raised £604. There were difficulties however, and this may be their last time to use the envelopes. Could we sit and collect in Nashy’s?

CHURCH:   Church contributions from envelopes raised about £1200, and as £810 of that was Gift-Aided, this gave us an additional £200.

CO-OP: The big experiment was at the Co-op. Volunteers did shifts there over the seven days, twenty people in all doing 39 one-hour shifts between them. They sat with an exhibit of farm animals which advertised what it would cost to donate each one. There was a blackboard explaining the work of Christian Aid with posters beautifully printed by Paul. One woman explained that she could not afford $20 for a sheep, but would donate £8 for a pair of chickens. One child said he would go home and model animals with Play-Doh. A high school boy knew the importance of giving women farmers the animals which would make them more important in the community and as a result command more respect. This scene at the Co-op raised £500, and this could be enhanced in future with a few more volunteers and a few more shifts. It is a new way to interact with the community; they seemed to like it and quite understood that it was difficult to find street collectors. Certainly we felt a lot safer and could ignore the weather.

Money also came in from the CA crossword and from the Ecumenical Service held in the Hall of Friendship. This is included in the Church total.

We also know £100 was donated online, and if others took the electronic route, do let us know.